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Research and Production Enterprise «Avis» is engaged in the development and production of modern electrotechnical products. In conditions of tough competition, the leading position is taken by the companies which are focused both at the development and innovation as well as at the product high quality and performance, comparing favorably with existing offers at the market. Our company has chosen hard and exciting way to achieve those goals. Our great advantage is our professional team: R&D department staff with academic degrees, qualified power engineers with solid experience in electric wiring, skilled technologists experienced in various areas of production. The combination of those outstanding competences gives us the opportunity develop our products best way, and provide perfect solutions of bird protection from electric shock at overhead power
lines of any voltage class. High mark of our achievements, that we are proud of, are: long-term experience of cooperation with leading oil, gas and energy industries of Russia, CIS and European Union, the steady growth of customers’ demand for our products, positive results of prototypes and serial products and positive feedback on our bird protection devices.

Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries signed the International convention of 1992 for the Protection of Biological Diversity. Most of those countries have inherited Soviet Union energy standards. Thereby, the devices developed by our company meet the requirements of the convention and a number of legislative acts and regulations, within the framework of the task of saving birds from death.

Our bird protecting devices correspond to requirements of “ROSSETI” PLC standard 34.01-2.2-010-2015, also certificated at GAZPROMSERT system of “GAZPROM”